Santa Cruz County Schools & Their Rankings: Should You Trust The Scores?

As a parent of children in the local schools in the San Lorenzo Valley (Felton, Ben Lomond, Brookdale and Boulder Creek) I was nervous when I first saw the school rankings of the local schools. We had decided to move back here in 2011.  At the time SLV Elementary was struggling with a 6 on the ranking system. Middle of the road at best. What I quickly found out was that the score really didn't reflect that attitude of the school, the teacher's passion for their work and the level of parent involvement in the classrooms. 

Scores can do a good job of leveling the playing field for a cursory view of the standards a school must adhere to. Unless you talk to parents, teachers, administrators, and neighbors, you really never get a true picture of the quality of the education these schools provide.

Let's face it, the school system is under pressure like never before. Fewer tax dollars are flowing into the school system and teachers and parents and the community at large, are being asked to shoulder more of the costs of teaching our students. 

Our Santa Cruz County schools are doing the best they can with the resources they have. That being said, there has to be some sort of system of measuring the output and quality of the education of our students. Below are the most recent scores of our schools in Santa Cruz County. Just understand that these scores are only the beginning of the story and not the end of the story. For our clients, we advise them that they take these scores are the beginning of their research. We counsel them to dig deeper, ask questions, interview the teachers at the schools they are interested in and talk to the local parents. Then see if the scores really reflect on the quality of the school and the education they want for their kids.  

Never stop asking questions is our motto. Here are the scores!