6 Things We DON'T Do For Home Buyers

Real estate is all about relationships. They are between the client and their Realtor®, the Realtors® representing the two sides, and the Realtor® and various service providers. Real estate relationships, as in the world, can be great or horrible.

Most home buyers are happy with their experience and the vast majority would work with their Realtor® again or recommend him or her to others.

Our team does A LOT for our Buyer clients, but we do have to draw the line somewhere. So, please know that working with us we will never do the following for you:

1. BE UNAVAILABLE - Our clients don't get ignored and we will be in communication regularly throughout the entire home buying process.

2. ADVOCATE FOR THE WRONG SIDE - We will never put anyone's interests before yours or negotiate on anyone else's behalf but yours. 

3. COMPROMISE YOUR TRUST - We will never be untrustworthy or shady. 

4. HALF LISTEN - We do not have selective hearing. Not only do we listen, we hear what our Buyers are not saying directly to fully understand what motivates them and what their true needs are.

5. CRUMBLE WHEN OBSTACLES ARISE - We will never freak out when problems arise (they almost always do in some way). Buying a home is like a puzzle and we love a good mystery. Bring it on.

7. FORGET PROFESSIONALISM - We will never treat the process as anything but the most momentous purchase in life for our clients. We won't show up late, we won't bad mouth other parties, we won't be unprepared. 

Don't just take our word for all the things that we don't Do for home buyers. See what our past clients have had to say about their experience working with us on our TESTIMONIALS PAGE.