Something they don’t tell you when you first get your real estate license is that there isn’t a traditional retirement plan.

You’ve built a beautiful career and have a database brimming with elated past clients, vendors you’ve spent years building rapport with and a sphere of influence that knows and trusts you as their go-to for everything Real Estate. But you’ve reached a point where its time to start winding down and thinking about retiring. What if we told you your relationships can keep working for you but you don’t have to keep working. What if you could set your clients up for years of continued success with all of their real estate needs while you enjoy life, and OMG some FREE TIME. What if you knew that the people most important to you were in the care of a real estate team that will care for them with the same level of service and communication they’ve come to expect and cherish about you? We’re here to tell you that its all possible. We have a plan to help you retire and continue to earn income.

We have a plan for retiring agents looking to transition out of the market.

Step-by-step process for annexing real estate businesses.

There are plenty of agents, no matter their time in the industry, searching for a way to “pass the baton” on to a successful team of real estate professionals who can serve their customers.

We developed this because when most agents retire or decide to get out of the business they just throw away their business and all of their years of hard work.

We have already helped a handful of agents successfully transition out of real estate and have been able to adopt and take care of their clients.

For retiring agents, the program can offer additional income after they retire and provide their clients with an adopting agent they can go to.

The best part of the process is that it is very simple. Because of that simplicity, any agent can use this plan with us to retire. WE have had so many great mentors in our market that have been very generous to us with their advice and guidance.

Testimonial from Jeanne & Mike Mulhern

Testimonial from Tricia